USA 2007

A photographic journey (under construction)

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Ponytail Ferns

Part of the lush understorey
in Muir Woods, California.

A Place to Rest

An old wooden seat, at the
Audubon Canyon bird sanctuary.


Stranded on a sand bar at
Point Reyes National Park.

Overshot Wheel

The restored Bale grist mill,
in Napa Valley.

Group Shoelace Tying

A performance requested by
our friend Brenda (for her Art).

Vallejo Group

Rob and I (at the right) stayed with
our friends Rick, Peter, Billy and Brenda.

Under the Bridge

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, this footbridge
in Redding has a glass deck.

Sundial Bridge

The main structural pylon
is the gnomon of a huge sundial.

Canada Goose

A Canada goose, afloat on
the Sacramento River at Redding.

"What the ...???"

This guy HAD to know
about our weird double camera ...

"Me Next, Me Next"

... and he HAD to take a picture with it!

Mighty Redwoods,

The incredible coastal redwoods of
Prairie Creek in northern California.

Lake Albert

An alkali lake in southern Oregon
shrouded by the smoke of nearby wildfires.

Drinking Fountain

A street fixture in Boise, Idaho
for short people as well as tall ones.

3-D Viewers

This weird 3-D viewer assembly was on display
at the 3-D Congress in Boise.

Gold Panner

Bernie Jestrabek-Hart removed the barbs
from several kilometers of barbed wire
before sculpting this gold panner in Boise.

"Chrome On The Range II"

The original "Chrome On The Range" was so popular
that sculptor Lou Wille created this second one
for permanent public display in Grand Junction.