Milford Sound Hike 2010

(under construction)

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Paraglider Landing

Originally a mining town, Queenstown is
now Thrillseeker Central, New Zealand.

Wakatipu Dusk

As dusk settles over Lake Wakatipu,
it's party party party in Thrillseeker Central.

Gang of Four

Four friends, about to "do"
the Skippers Canyon jet-boat.

Skippers Canyon

A place of amazing beauty
despite the jet-boats.


A 45 minute ferry trip up Lake Te Anau
took us to the starting point of the hike.

Forest Tangle

Lush forest tangle at the head of Lake Te Anau.

Beech Trees

Far overhead, the sun turns the foliage
of the beech trees a delicate green.

Miniature Fern

A small fern bursts forth from the forest floor

Swing Bridge No.1

At the start of our first full day of walking,
a cable-bridge crossing of the Clinton River

Convoluted Fungus

We saw many of these fungi during our 3 days in Fiordland

"Gin Clear"

The crystal clear water of the Clinton River

Tree Silhouette

Another moment in the lush and mighty forest

Glacial Valley

Here we took the north branch of the Clinton River.
The sides of the glacial valley towered 3000 ft above us.

Walking Track

The well-maintained walking track along the floor of the valley.

Hidden Lake

Some went for a swim, others just soaked up the warm sunshine.

Pompolona Lodge

Our second night's rest and recuperation.