The Violet Town Album

We own some land just to the north of Violet Town, in south-eastern Australia.
Various agricultural uses, including sheep farming, have left the land in a degraded state.
It is our intention to re-vitalise these 84 hectares. Our planting target includes 2000 trees.
We are choosing species known to have existed in the region, and species
which are consistent with the box-ironbark ecosystems of north-eastern Victoria.

Our intention, in making this website, is to share our appreciation of this beautiful place,
and document some of the methods we are using to encourage the recovery of the land.

The photos were taken by Anthony Bignell and Robin Minear

Some of these images are available in Stereo 3-D
Click on
and the 3-D image will open in a new window

"Colonies" of this amazing hollow lichen are found in several places around the block

After you've enjoyed some box-ironbark scenery

Beware of Imitations

why not have a look at some mad 3-D imagery!!