A couple of site which explain how to freeview stereo image pairs:

Freeviewing tips by Ray Hannisian (Ray3D)

Greg Erker's advice on freeviewing

The Violet Town Album
A land restoration project

The Mount Buffalo Album
A collection of photos from one of my favourite parts of the universe

Western USA 2007
(under construction)
A 2 month trip through the West of the USA

Milford Hike 2010
(under construction)
Rob and I "did" the Milford Hike

robin's site
Robin is from Colorado (Western USA). This is how she sees Australia

Not to be missed!!
Gene Levine's amazing Color Stereograms

 Superb Surrealism
Vern's Objects and Sceneries of Metaphysical Realism

Photos of the Bay Area, California, by Brenda

Mark Ingram Photography
Stock Photography Australia

Mark Ingram is an Australian Photographer, with a stock library covering many aspects of the Australian landscape.

Click here for the website of the Victorian 3-D Society
Click here
Excellent articles, pictures and links related to both visual and audio stereo, by Stephen Spicer.
One of the best and most informative 3-D sites on the web!

The Sydney Stereo Camera Club

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