Mt Buffalo Storm
This was an amazing colored storm cloud as seen from Myrtleford. About 20 kilometers from home.

Eurobin Falls
We went to Eurobin Falls while it was still raining and this is what we saw. Not quite a monotone image, but almost.

This is on our land at Mt. Buffalo. Morning mist here is not uncommon.

Walking Stick insect
I never expected to see one of these "walking stick" insects, amazing looking creature.

This is a sequence showing the house site being cleared. Wozza (Warren) was an artist with that machine!

divergent09 crosseye09

There are three images here so you can use divergent or crosseyed free viewing to see the images in stereo.
For divergent viewing, use the left and center images. For crosseyed viewing, use the center and right images.
If you just want to see the flat image, zoom with your browser. Opera uses the + - keys on the keypad to magnify, not sure what other browsers might use though.

morning mist at Mt Buffalo
Early morning mist rolling through the trees surrounding our camp at Mt Bufflo.

king parrot male
Male Australian King Parrot. His mate was more shy than he was, so no pictures of her.

wagon wheel
Old wagon at Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement,outdoor museum. Home to the only known 25 seat Kaiser Panorama in the southern hemisphere.

abandoned wagons
This image was also take at Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement. On an island in the middle of the Murray River, reached by a foot bridge.

nz grass and ferns
This is typical of the Milford Track in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park. We did a 4 day walk covering 59K through this environment. AWESOME! !